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Surya Grah is also known as Sun Planet. It's a different unique manufacturer of Waahkart. Surya Grah Basically deals with the properties, wealth etc. It's Good to keep Surya Bhagwan at your surround. No one uses to Manufacture this typical type of Sculpture. This Surya Bhagwan Stands in the Lotus Flower. Finishing in this product is so real and different. You can place this sculpture in your hotel pooja room also. Surya in Indian literature is referred to by various names, which typically represent different aspects or phenomenological characteristics of the Sun, Surya is celebrated as a deity in Buddhist artwork, such as the ancient works attributed to Ashoka.Approx measurement :- (H-5.41 feet * W-2.82 feet, * D-1.64 feet) , Weight :-16.15 kg. Combo of Four Grah statues - Surya, Shani, Guru and Mangal Grah is also available, visit the link----
FRP product
You can place sculpture in any blank space of your hotel ,restaurant or in your pooja room
It gives a Traditional touch to your environment
Unbreakable* in normal wear and tear conditions
Weather and Water resistant
Appox Measurement :- (H1650 * W860 * D500)mm , Weight :-16.15 kg

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