Special Combo Pack Of The White Cow & Krishna

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Cows and Krishna have always been together. In His original form in the spiritual world, Krishna is a cowherd boy in the agricultural community of Goloka, Vrindavan, where He keeps unlimited, transcendental surbhi cows. When He descends to earth, Krishna brings a replica of Vrindavan with Him, and He spends His childhood tending cows and calves while playing in the pasturing grounds with His friends. His example shows the importance of cows to human society, the practical benefits of caring for them, and the advantages of an agrarian economy based on cooperation between man and cows. Cow- Height-3.67 feet,Width-5.08 feet,Depth-1.8 feet,Weight-18.02Kg God Krishna. Dimensions -Height-5.1 feet,Width-1.9 feet, Depth-1.31 feet, Weight-24 Kg
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Weather resistance .
* unbreakable in normal wear & tear conditions
Approx measurements -God krishna-Height-1580mm,Width-580mm,Depth-400mm,Weight-24Kg
Approx measurements -Cow- Height-1120mm,Width-1550 mm,Depth-550mm,Weight-18.02Kg

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