• Lying down wild lion, best for garden & temple decoration

Lying down wild lion, best for garden & temple decoration

Lying down wild lion, best for garden & temple decoration
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Indu Appliances Corporation of India
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10 To 15 workings days.

Key Features

  • Attractive
  • Amazing Shine and Finishing
  • Dimentionally stable
  • Easily Accomodable
  • Exclusively Designed
  • An eye catching product
  • Fine quality
  • Finest quality fibre
  • Light Weight
  • Long Lasting
  • Unbreakable*
  • dimensional accuracy,
  • Stylish Design
  • Very Attractive in look
  • All products are made in INDIA
  • Approx Measurements- height-770mm,width-730mm,depth-1800mm,weight-18kg
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Lion - no introduction needed for these statues.
He is the king of the jungle, the most powerful and ferocious of all the animals, untamed and born to rule.
Some might argue if the presence of such a statue is a positive sign or negative.
It would depend how, why and where you place it.
One thing is for sure it clearly passes on the message of being powerful and fearless.
In this position he is shown sitting as if he is safeguarding something precious not really attacking but very vigilant. Perfect to be placed at an entrance of home, office, garden or the temple.

This is made up of Best quality of FRP , very durable, low maintenance , fine finished product with alluring real size lion statue.
1. Attractive
3. Amazing Shine and Finishing
4. Dimentionally stable
5. Easily Accomodable
6. Exclusively Designed
7. An eye catching product
8. Fine quality
9. Finest quality fibre
10. Light Weight
11. Long Lasting
12. Unbreakable*
13. dimensional accuracy,
14. Stylish Design
15. Very Attractive in look
16. All products are made in INDIA
17. Approx Measurements- height-770mm,width-730mm,depth-1800mm,weight-18kg
Approx Measurements
Weight-18kg, Height-770mm, Width-730mm, Depth-1800mm,
Best Quality Low Maintenance
This beautiful piece of art is made up of finest quality of FRP.
Long Lasting Dimensional Accuracy,
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